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By Solaris Medical Wellness
May 11, 2017
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If pain is becoming the norm, isn’t it time you did something to change that?pain management

There are some people who live in pain day in and day out. Whether it’s severe or mild, dealing with pain on a regular basis not only affects your physical health but your mental and emotional wellbeing. Our Chandler, AZ, primary care physician, Dr. Kenneth McWilliams, is here to help quell your pain through these popular treatment options:


Prolotherapy may be recommended to you if you are dealing with musculoskeletal injuries that haven’t responded to conventional and conservative measures. Since patients want to avoid surgery as much as possible, our Chandler doctor may recommend these injections as the next course of action.

Prolotherapy can be a great way to treat pain caused by sciatica, chronic back pain, whiplash and degenerative disc disease by stimulating the body’s natural healing response.

Myers’ Cocktail

We know that trying to manage your fibromyalgia pain can be frustrating and exhausting. Since not much is known about this condition it can often feel as if you are just trying one treatment after another without much pain management success. This is when you should talk to us about Myers’ Cocktail.

This IV therapy delivers a variety of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to fight everything from migraines to chronic pain caused by conditions like fibromyalgia. Consider adding this complementary therapy to your treatment plan to make your day-to-day pain more manageable.

Trigger Point Injections

Whether you are a strength trainer or someone who works at a desk, there are many situations that can lead to painful knots in the muscles. When trigger points form this can also cause irritation to surrounding nerves and lead to referred pain in. By getting trigger point therapy, we can help to finally provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for to treat everything from chronic tension headaches and fibromyalgia to chronic pain that doesn’t respond to other conservative treatments.

Don’t let pain be part of your life. It’s time you did something about it. Call Solaris Medical Wellness in Chandler, AZ, today to find out what we can do to relieve your pain for the long-term.

By Solaris Medical Wellness
March 09, 2017
Category: Medical Wellness

Some patients who are experiencing the effects of a significant decline in hormonal levels may benefit from a treatment called hormone hormone replacement therapyreplacement therapy. It's a solution that's offered at Solaris Medical Wellness in Chandler, AZ. Learn more about hormone replacement therapy and find out if it can help you get back to being you.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Commonly referred to as HRT, hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that can help increase hormonal levels in older men and women. It is commonly prescribed to women who are going through menopause or men who are experiencing a loss of sex drive. There are a number of different types of HRT treatments including testosterone pellets, estrogen hormone pellets, topical creams and injections. They are considered a natural solution to many of the problems that plague patients when they age.

When Is It Needed?
There are a number of common cases when your Chandler physician might recommend hormone replacement therapy:

  • you're experiencing a significant loss of energy or passion for life (depression)
  • loss of muscle tissue (most common in men)
  • frequent irritability and mood swings (more common in menopausal women)
  • patient has had a hysterectomy
  • fatigue or problems sleeping

What to Expect at Your Appointment
When you come to Solaris Medical Wellness for your hormone therapy treatment, the physician will first ask you a series of questions about your medical history and symptoms. The doctor will also do a blood test to check for hormonal deficiencies. If you are a candidate, your doctor will administer the appropriate HRT treatment to address your concerns. Keep in mind that not everyone is a candidate—patients who have a history of cancer, stroke or heart disease aren't normally recommended for this treatment. Your physician will discuss the potential risks of HRT with you at your initial consultation.

Find Out More
Hormone replacement therapy is available at Solaris Medical Wellness in Chandler, AZ. It may be an effective treatment for patients with certain hormonal deficiencies. To find out if you're a candidate, call (480) 802-6617 today to schedule a consultation appointment.

By Solaris Medical Wellness
February 02, 2017
Category: Medical Wellness

Find out how turning to natural medicine in Chandler could help you finally lose that weight.

The New Year is upon us and with that comes all those resolutions. Perhaps every year you say that you’re finally going to lose weight and get in shape, but it’s not long before you are starving and digging in the cabinet for junk food; it’s not always easy to get yourself to the gym everyday. But our Chandler primary care physician Dr. Kenneth McWilliams is here to make it possible to shed that weight and to do it safely with natural medicine.

Many people who are overweight or obese need expert help from our Chandler doctor to get the results they want and a special, unique treatment program that works for them. Everyone is different but we do know how difficult it can be to follow a diet or exercise regimen when you don’t have any idea where to start. With our physician-supervised medical weight loss program in Chandler, AZ, we can help you lose 4 to 25 pounds each month.

We pride ourselves on being able to say that 100 percent of our patients lose weight and 80 percent are able to keep it off. Not bad odds, right? We don’t offer a “magic pill” or the ability to shed weight overnight, but we do offer a practical and lifelong approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

We will first perform blood work to look for any health issues or hormone changes that could be impeding your weight loss. Those with a sluggish thyroid or those who have insulin resistance are more likely to be overweight. Through metabolic testing we can also determine how many calories you really need to sustain your daily activities. We will also perform heart testing to make sure that your heart is healthy enough to participate in this program.

Some weight loss plans will include certain medications that will increase your metabolism or decrease appetite. Along with these medications we may also administer weekly shots of Vitamin B or HCG.

If you are interested in our medical weight loss, then it’s time you turned to Solaris Medical Wellness in Chandler, AZ, to address all of your health needs. Stick to that resolution this year and get in the best shape you’ve ever been!

By Solaris Medical Wellness
January 16, 2017
Category: Medical Wellness

Learn more about the benefits of functional medicine and how it may be able to improve your conditions.

Are you someone who has been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic health conditions? Have functional medicineyou found that traditional medicine alone feels too invasive or isn’t providing you with the results you’ve been looking for? If so, then our Chandler, AZ, primary doctor, Dr. Kenneth McWilliams, is here to provide a different approach to handling your health. It’s called functional medicine and it’s been key to treating long-term health problems.

When you choose to get functional medicine in Chandler, AZ, we won’t just be looking at the symptoms you are experiencing and the chronic disease that you have, but the underlying imbalances that might be causing outward diseases like diabetes, autoimmune disorders and heart disease. Being able to identify the root cause or causes of these disorders is vitally important to improving your health.

Some underlying causes of chronic health problems include immune imbalances, hormonal imbalances, inflammatory imbalances, chemical exposure, digestive imbalances, etc. By pinpointing the underlying cause, functional medicine has a far better chance of being able to tackle a patient’s health problems more successfully. After all, the main goal of functional medicine is to improve your health for the rest of your life, not just for the moment.

Through proper diagnostic testing and treatment options that don’t include invasive surgeries or strong, potentially harmful drugs, we can get your body back on track. While drugs or surgery may certainly work for acute health problems like heart attacks, this same approach isn’t as successful for those dealing with chronic and life-altering health problems. This is why functional medicine is such a great option for those suffering from lifelong conditions.

Along with lifestyle changes, functional medicine may provide you with detox programs, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets and other ways to restore your body and improve imbalances so that your entire body functions more optimally.

Solaris Medical Wellness in Chandler, AZ, is dedicated to providing every patient with the quality care they need to get the healthy body and mind that they want. Improve your health and your quality of life with us.

By Solaris Medical Wellness
January 09, 2017
Tags: Natural Medicine  

If you're tired of taking medications that don't seem to bring much relief, you've probably looked into natural medicine. Many people are interested in this branch of medicine, which uses therapeutic products and practices to diagnose and treat illnesses and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Solaris Medical Wellness in Chandler, Arizona, our licensed naturopathic medical doctor, Dr. Kenneth McWilliams is proud to help his patients turn over a new leaf in their day-to-day health. Here are some of the benefits of using natural medicine.

What is natural medicine?

If you've seen any television commercials for new medications, you've likely noticed the disclaimers tacked onto the end of the advertisement that list off a multitude of possible side effects. These reactions can range from inconvenient to severe. In some cases, natural medicine can provide an alternative to synthetic and possibly harmful medication. Working with your Chandler natural medicine doctor will help to determine which treatments are best for you.

Boost your body

One of the most amazing things about natural medicine is that it bolsters the body's ability to heal itself! Your Chandler physician will help you devise a plan for increasing your immunity through supplements, diet and exercise that all utilize your body's fundamental elements. They can be oftentimes be used in conjunction with more traditional treatment options. Natural medicine can be used to supplement the treatment of common illnesses such as chronic fatigue, the flu, and liver disease.

If you are recovering from trauma, are looking to lose weight or if you have a history of bad dietary choices, Dr. McWilliams can offer supplements as well as nutritional advice to help you on your path towards a healthier lifestyle. Our goal at Solaris Medical Wellness is to help our patients stay healthy through natural products and techniques.

If you'd like to learn more about natural medicine's benefits, we would be happy to schedule an appointment for you! Contact Solaris Medical Wellness in Chandler, Arizona to set up a consultation today!

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